Are you looking for high quality hay for your horses?

What we offer

Here are the products and services we offer for our clients
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Small Hay bales

Length: 0.9 – 1.3m
Max Width: 0.45m
Max Height: 0.35m
Weight: 20 – 25kg

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Round Hay bales

Length: 1.3m
Width: 1.3m
Height: 1.3m
Weight: 250 – 300kg

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Thanks to our co-operation with transport companies, we can offer transport for our hay bales to almost anywhere in Europe. For further information, please contact us.

About US

We provide good hay for your horses!
The love to our animals made us start this amasing service.

As normal animal loving persons and also as horse owners durring the time we stumbled not once in to being unable to provide enough hay especialy when the year is dry. So what we did was this - we went to Bulgaria and met the local hay producers etc....

  • We provide only good high quality hay that can be safe used for feeding your horses.

  • You get the advantage of choosing exactly that size balls that will be best suited for everyday use in the stables.

  • Wir sind flexibel einsetzbar und können uns um alle noch so kleinen Details für unseren Auftritt an Ihrer Hochzeit kümmern.

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